February 13th, 2010

Note to Self: I am Not 19 Anymore

This point keeps getting driven home to me--with a vengeance--as I try to ease my way back into normal living and activity.  It's been less than two weeks since I was in surgery, and I'm still expecting myself to do regular activities as if I hadn't recently had an organ removed.  Full recovery will come, but not as fast as I think (hope) it will.  Maybe, when I was younger, I would have bounced back from this surgery much sooner, but it's a moot point.  I'm not 19--I'm almost 47.

I'm typing this at the Whetstone Library.  Steph has scheduled lessons almost back to back from 10 a.m. until late afternoon, and I didn't want to stay upstairs all day, confined like some demented relative, so I came here.  I was waiting for the bus, and a woman from our church (who is also our around-the-corner neighbor) gave me a ride.

Grocery shopping last night almost did me in.  Susie and I went to Kroger, and I should have swallowed my pride and used an electric scooter, and let Susie take the items from the shelf.  But I didn't.  I was using the cart like a walker by the time I made it to the cashier, and I was so wiped out come bedtime I almost didn't need to take anything to aid sleep.

Our tabby cat David has a new adversary, an enemy that will never yield its ground.  Steph has said that the house is so dry that she has had constant headaches, so while I was at Graceland Shopping Center last night I stopped in Target and bought her a humidifier.  The most cost-effective one was designed for a child's room.  It's blue and white and shaped like a penguin.

Just before bedtime last night, we set it up on the living room floor and David marched right up to it and stared it in the face.  He was even more confused when he felt the steam spray from the penguin's mouth.  That must have led him to think the humidifier was actually alive.  When I came downstairs this morning, we moved the humidifier to the table in the front room, so it's more at eye level, and Steph increased its steam output.  David has been a bit more cautious around his new housemate, but when he ventures to look close, he's been getting a small jet of steam in his face. 


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